Jason Stroup grew up on a small acreage outside of Galena, Illinois where Happy Sheep farm currently operates.  Always partial to animals, he gained experience with dogs, horses, sheep, and goats.

After growing tired of the "nine-to-five" race of living in the city - working in corporate security, the restaurant industry, and even two years spent as a nurse - he decided on a more peaceful, fulfilling life.  It is with this in mind that the idea to operate a sustainable, humane farm came to be.

Thank you for your interest in this venture.  We hope to provide you with a local and alternative method to industrialized farming for your needs!

Our Mission

our Story

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Our Farm

Is IT IMPORTANT to know your food is not from an industrial farm? Let us help.

Pasture & Forage Fed

No Growth Hormones

No Unnecessary Antibiotic Use

No Unnecessary Worming Treatment

Sustainable practice is the foundation of our ethical approach to agriculture.  Our animals are never confined to feed lots and are given processed products only as nutritional supplements while they raise their young.  All our animals' diets are pasture and forage based which results in healthy and happy lives. We realize that our success is tied to the quality of our livestock's lives, and strive to give them a happy life.