Pasture & Forage Fed

No Growth Hormones

No Unnecessary Antibiotic Use

No Unnecessary Worming Treatment

Vegetation Control Service

Do you have overgrown land that you can't use?  Is your yard out of control?  We employ a method of vegetation control that doesn't involve gallons of gasoline, poisons, or sweat.  Nature's best weed-eater, the sheep!

st. Croix/Katahdin

hybrid lambs

Working to create the sheep of the future with hybrid genetics...

Happy Sheep Farm - an alternative to industrial-scale megafarming.

We hope to provide discerning consumers with reasonably-priced, top-quality products and services.  At the same time, we recognize that we must be responsible stewards of the land, working to develop a sustainable agricultural business model.

We pride ourselves on a practical approach to farming.  Our sheep provide all the fertilizer their pastures and forests require to grow lush and green, so we do not use chemical fertilizers of any sort. 

Our sheep are never treated with antibiotics unless a veterinarian deems it necessary.

Our sheep are never wormed on a schedule, again only treated if a veterinarian deems it necessary.


Our sheep are never given growth hormones under any circumstance. 

Our sheep are never confined to feed lots, but instead are allowed to roam freely within their enclosures. 

Our sheep are fed using a managed combination of pasture, silvopasture, and forage.


We strive to breed a superior commercial sheep using a healthy, natural approach to farming.

Thank you for your interest in our venture.  We hope to do business with you in the future!

custom order meat

Of course we offer a good selection of meats for sale.  Our St. Croix/Katahdin hybrid lambs produce deliciously flavored meat that can only be achieved when they are allowed to eat the variety of plants nature intended them to.  We will take your order and custom-process the cuts to your liking within a week, and your farm-fresh cuts arrive at your door via our own local delivery, or in an iced cooler box via UPS.

want to eat healthier and save money? let us help.

Interested in upgrading your lambs with hair sheep genetics without the hassle of owning a ram?  We offer stud services at our farm or yours!

We can provide for your flock's genetic diversity with new batches of lambs being born all the time.  We also offer mature, proven rams and ewes for sale.  If you are looking to upgrade your woollies to hair sheep, you will not find a healthier, lower maintenance sheep than our St. Croix/Katahdin hybrids.

More than just happy sheep.  Healthy, naturally-raised sheep.

Stud Service

Lamb is a lean, healthy meat.  If you wish to have some delivered to your door, contact us.